First Aid Kits

When it comes to appreciating the outdoors, it’s vital to be as prepared as possible. We know that every trip and every group is unique, which is why we are excited to offer so many different types of first aid kits. Stay safe and stay prepared wherever you go with the right first aid kit for the job. When you need something small and lightweight to tuck into a backpack or into a glovebox, you can’t go wrong with a sardine can survival kit or a water bottles survival kit. When you have more space and more supplies, don’t miss the 5-day survival backpack from Wise Foods. The kits that we offer are convenient to carry and to use, should the need arise. Shop now for the gear you need in the field.

The first step towards preparedness in the wilderness is a kit that includes the tools that you need. The Lifeline Base Camp First Aid Kit include bandages, antibiotic ointment, cold packs and many other medical supplies, as well as survival tools like a survival mirror, razor blade and much more. Take your safety and your family's safety into your own hands with these quality first aid kits. All of Riverside Camping is dedicated to providing you with the very best deals on quality outdoor products, so take your time exploring what we have to offer. Locate landmarks and observe nature more easily with a pair of Celestron waterproof binoculars. If your tent is getting old, keep it working like new with a Texsport replacement tent pole kit. Shop now!